Violence amongst women on SF Muni

October 12, 2009

*warning — the videos enclosed are of real fights, obscenities included*

On the 49

On the 49

Within the past two weeks there have been several videos posted on YouTube of fights breaking out amongst female Muni passengers. The first video has had over 500,000 views and has sparked debate on the internet over the racial implications of the fight. Race and Space have been a huge part of the reactions of viewers within San Francisco and in the larger audience.

The fight, which took place on a bus running through Chinatown happened between a two women arguing over a seat (I’d like to point out here I do not know either of these women and cannot presume to know their ethnic backgrounds). As you can see if you’ve watched the video, several minutes pass without any intervention by MUNI workers or other passengers. If audience reaction on Youtube, the Chronicle’s or Facebook are any indication, it seems viewers are tending to blame racial differences for the fight. Read the rest of this entry »