An Amusing Turn-Around on Sexual Assault Prevention Tips

September 23, 2009

About a year ago, when I was still a law student at the University of Iowa, I received an infuriating e-mail in my inbox from the university’s Department of Public Safety.  The department sends out regular “Crime Prevention News” e-mails, all of which you can see on their website here.  I get the feeling someone else must have complained, since the most recent update on safety in downtown Iowa City specifically says that both males and females should follow their tips, but it’s still gendered, referring to male-on-male violence (which in my opinion makes it sound like men are the only one who need to be concerned about non-sexual violence downtown).

The e-mail that I received while I was in attendance is the April 2008 newsletter, focusing on “Personal and Residence Safety.”  Though the newsletter isn’t as bad as it could be at targeting women, the header makes it clear who the target audience is.  “Over the past two years there have been several assaults on women in the Iowa City area. Please remember the following safety tips from the University of Iowa Police.”

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