Masturbation, Sex, and the Single Girl

October 7, 2009

Today, I would like to talk about female masturbation.  (Oh, goody!)  Why?  Well, I think there are some misconceptions out there, and I think it’s time that we talk about them, rather than leaving masturbation in this nebulous, sort of taboo, sort of appropriate but only in certain lights place.

I think that by now, the population at large knows that women masturbate.  The cat’s out of the bag on that one.  But there’s still a gender-based difference in how masturbation is referenced in popular culture.  Men, we assume, jerk off all the time.  They jerk off to porn, they jerk off when a woman doesn’t satisfy them, they jerk off at strip clubs and in bathroom stalls.  Etc., etc.  Women also masturbate, but it’s framed differently.  The idea seems to be that we do it as a journey of self-discovery: to learn how to have an orgasm, to learn how to have a better orgasm, to find the g-spot, to learn to have multiple orgasms, to explore the body, to prepare for sex.  It’s all about this magical, mystical, vaguely girl-power exploration.  Well I’m sorry, folks.  My vulva is not the Serengeti, and I’m not on a fucking safari. Read the rest of this entry »