Applying to Graduate School

July 31, 2010
How can I choose just ONE?

With regard to your ethnicity, do you consider yourself Hispanic or Latino? | Question 1b: If you indicated above that you consider yourself Hispanic or Latino, please select the ONE category that best describes your background.| Question 3: California State University often needs to report ONLY ONE summary race/ethnicity description for a person. Please select your reporting preference...

How do I play this game? By their rules or decline to state. How can ONE ethnic category describe anyone “best”? Are you more related to your father than your mother?


Feminine Feminism? Part II: Challenging Perceptions

November 24, 2009

Here it is! This is Part 2 of 2 on challenging our conceptions of feminism and femininity. Part 1 may be found here.

In Part 1, we discussed how femininity and feminism are not antithetical to one another, as inspired by this Feministing post. Here, I want to discuss the image and presentation of femininity, and how it influences our perceptions.

One of the tumblrs that I follow is La Douleur Exquise by Miss Wallflower that is basically a celebration of all things feminine. Every day dozens of pictures are uploaded that reflect the general theme, emphasizing fashion photography, bon bons, woodland creatures, books, tea and inspirational quotes. I am acutely aware of its flaws. The majority of women featured are white and waif-like. It emphasizes traditional gender roles and promotes women’s sexuality and aesthetic appeal as their primary quality. But for its artistic merit, it also forces me to confront these images, and question how their meaning is received today.

My feminist theory professor was also really into art, so receiving the presentation and questioning the meaning of these images goes hand in hand with cultural feminism for me. For example, here are a few photographs that piqued my interest:

Girl kissing boy on bench Read the rest of this entry »