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Hey! My name is Bex, and I’m a Joint Honours Women’s Studies and Political Science nerd at the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada. I grew up in a small, rural town in southwestern Ontario (…okay, fine, a village), and didn’t identify as a feminist until my first year of university. I should really have known all along, my speeches in grade school were on Amelia Earhardt and Elizabeth I. My feminism is largely education-centric, taking small actions to incorporate women’s perspectives into the general knowledge base, like requesting my professors to feature more female authors rather than have a token “week on feminism”, and moving on to bigger ones, like challenging restrictive gender norms for women and men. I’m active on my campus with the Women’s Resource Centre, a former VP Academic of the Women’s Studies Student Association for 2 years and an avid knitter, dancer, bookworm and cupcake enthusiast.  You can reach me at fwave.bex@gmail.com


Chelsea is 20 year old student from way down in Texas. She is interested in feminism, social justice, anti-racism, and trying to be a good person. When not battling neo-con crazies, she likes to hang out with her dog, Wilde (named after Oscar!), avoid studying, and dance like she’s 10 years old. Like Lisa, she would like to be called out on her sometimes bullshit. You can reach her at: fwave.chelsea@gmail.com


Hello friends and readers of the F-Wave.  I am Dee, a  self driven Latina in my mid 20s.  I believe in family, in love, in friendship, overcoming challenges, and fighting the odds and or what I feel strongly about.  I move instinctively to the sound of drums and guitars of the merengue and bachata music. I am Dominican,  born and raised in the South Bronx, in a district with one of the highest crime and poverty rates of the city of New York.  My mother raised me as a single parent  but I never lacked anything and had a good childhood, despite the poverty, drugs and violence happening outside my door (literally).  My upbringing made me determined and very dedicated to my studies as a key to changing my future.  I was determined to beat the odds of the community I was from. Today, I am strong minded, assertive, streets smart, loving, and concerned for the advancements of Latinos.  I am a Syracuse University graduate, a proud Orangewoman with two Masters degrees.  As a recent graduate, I look forward to what life has to offer as I continue to aim to make the best life I can for myself. Intellectual, professional and spiritual growth are vital to me.  Making a positive impact to those that are often underprivileged is also very important to me.  I enjoy meeting people of different cultures and walks of life and would like to have the opportunity of traveling throughout the world.  I love learning and becoming well rounded through time and experiences.  I think its key to engage in dialogue with diverse people and to get out of our comfort zones.


Judith is a 24-year-old graduate of the University of Iowa College of Law and of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.  After all this education, she is hoping to build a career in feminist/LGBT activism and has moved back to the Baltimore/DC area to pursue that goal.  She has been blogging on queer, feminist, and human rights issues for two years, and she loves writing, research, and editing.  When she’s backing away from the academic Kool-Aid, she likes to dance, play music, read far more than is good for her eyes, work on her book blog and vegetarian food blog, and study foreign languages.  You can contact her at fwave.judith@gmail.com


Lisa is a mechanical engineering student in Canada, and therefore carries a particular soft spot for the promotion of women in the fields of science and technology. She is also big into sports and the internet. To call her out on her sometimes bullshit, email fwave.lisa@gmail.com


Hola! I’m Mary, a twenty-something Berkeley graduate born and raised on the West Coast living in San Francisco.  I am the granddaughter of farm workers who marched with Cesar Chavez (holler maternal granny!) and Central American city folks (paternal granny!), so I grew up with the influence of the off-the-grid hippie style as well as hyperconnected urbanites, while being raised in the suburbs.  I am a third-generation American who wants to talk with a conscious nod to all the identities that fit me at some degree: feminist, latina, hipster, hippie and vegetarian.  You can reach me at fwave.mary@gmail.com


Hi, all – I’m Val.  I am a twenty-three year old feminist, living in Los Angeles with my fiance and our beloved cat-child, Tilly.  I grew up in Orange County, raised to be a staunch NRA member, pro-life demonstrating, Irish Catholic Republican.  Clearly, that didn’t take.  I work as a grassroots organizer (see: person standing outside the grocery store from whom you duck and run in terror) for the largest peace lobby in the U.S., and spend my free time practicing yoga, cooking gluten-free vegetarian food, and watching every movie that comes through theatres.  My background is in the arts, and I have a degree in Theatre (acting), but after a couple of years in the LA film machine, I had to bow it.  T’was not for me.  Expect to hear lengthy discussions on why that was.  These days, I spend my time organizing, writing, reading, and observing while I try to figure out what the hell I’m going to do with my life.


4 Responses to About Us

  1. Wordy Allen says:

    So I know you guys write about feminism and whatnot. Do you guys have something specific you focus on?

  2. Mary says:

    Hi there Wordy–

    To give you just one answer — There is no focus here. We all have a situated perspective and no view is impartial, but the ladies who have gotten together to create the f-wave want to call out the feminist lens that unites our different perspectives.

  3. Annette says:

    I heard of this website through Mary’s FB and it has become a weekly read for me. I’ve never considered myself a gender extremist, and have always thought it important to recognize evolutionary gender roles. I enjoy reading this blog because I appreciate the inviting and informative stance you all take when writing. I read your blog and take away a more educated perspective on feminism and feminist thoughts.

  4. Mom says:

    Hello ladies, I too enjoy reading and posting your entry’s to my friends and or FB as well. I miss your talks and I hope you’re all doing well. I hope one day you can chat some more about what we miss as our 28 hour days seem to move right into the next:) I appreciate all the insight you all have given me….

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